Nelson Vahos, communicator and CEO of ERADIO

Nelson Vahos, is an insatiable dreamer, leader in the community and a very skilled character in the field of communication. Nelson is convinced that through communications the world can be united for a better development of the daily life of humanity.
He is currently a motivational speaker, CEO of the number one internet radio station in Colombia, eRadio, which is expanding its borders, without limit, reaching several countries and distinguishing itself by its content.
Today he will be illustrating us with a very extensive talk on “the power of communications” and will resolve all possible doubts regarding the misconceptions of communication.

Webinar with Nelson Vahos
GCE Global Solutions
Tuesday May 11, 2020

The power of communication in times of Pandemic

Welcome, dear communicator and broadcaster Nelson Vahos, thank you very much for attending today.

Thank you for the invitation. It’s a real pleasure to be part of this program.

Kicking off this talk, which is going to be convenient given the times we find ourselves in, please proceed to today’s topic, “The Power of Communications!”

We are going to make a small emphasis regarding today’s topic, “the power of communication”, with this power we will know that we influence the media, and we will be emphasizing how to communicate and resolve public doubts. Since in general people tend to think that in order to communicate one must speak nicely and it is more than that, it is being able to transmit messages, not only journalists, nor broadcasters with a thick voice are the only ones who can communicate messages on the radio.
The issue of communication is a complex issue, several years ago I began to travel through this medium in Colombia, in one of the most important radio stations called “Candela estéreo”, next to one of the most important men “for me”, he is William Vinasco Che , one of the most important sportscasters in Colombia with one of the largest media outlets nationwide.
I was trained by his side, I was instructed in that old-school school, preparing myself, doing voiceovers, practicing to be able to obtain the voice with which I function at the moment, this obviously cannot be achieved overnight. (rest of the story in the video).

As for the common person, who is not an announcer, how does he share any message if he does not have that voice of an announcer?

This is what I come to with my message, everyone can communicate today, any voice is the voice of an announcer, now, that thick voice is not needed to communicate, just knowing how to speak is enough, that common skill. We have been able to express, speak and communicate since we were born, and we have this non-verbal communication in such a way that we do not issue any words but we can inform by means of a moan, look and/or by signs.
Signs are one of the most developed basic communication channels, (because even though there are words, signs are the most basic way of expressing) using visualization and interpretation as their forte to be able to inform, this is the second way of communicate and express more complete that exists, after speech.

In order to communicate a message correctly, what must be done? If being able to speak is enough, what can I do to be able to communicate the message appropriately so that the listener can understand it?

Not only do you have to be able to speak, your voice and tone are of great importance to be able to communicate a message appropriately.
If you want to make someone fall in love, your voice and tone sound slower, calm and with a certain amount of affection, or sell a product, there he communicates with a more lively and accelerated voice, with certain conviction and enthusiasm, or write a sports narrative, where the voice must sound harsh and in accordance with any given event on the field of play about which he is commenting.
In order to give a message to be understood, it is not only necessary to take into account the voice, “which is perfect for each individual”, since it is not the only factor to take into account when communicating, you must think about your gestures and vocalization when expressing himself, the way in which he gestures when speaking greatly influences his message, “if he arrived at a meeting in a calm, crestfallen and insecure manner, sitting hunched over, accessing affirmatively or negatively without any complement to the answer or without encouragement when answering” in this way gives to understand the wrong message, you have to focus on the features, the expression, the way of sitting, the way of establishing a direct look with the person to whom you are addressing.
His voice is the one that makes you fall in love, it makes an impact, then non-verbal behavior comes, but the voice is a key piece in this development, it is not the same to say “sir, I am here for an interview and I would like…” with a loud and shrill volume , unlike a medium volume, which sounds a bit fatter and generates more focus, which sounds different with a low volume, which sounds low and thick. The differences of these volumes must be identified, so their expressions will have more property, (the rest of the information in the video). ​​

In what way can nerves affect the way in which your message can be interpreted?

Nerves are common, 90% of people have nerves, due to a simple reason, the lack of preparation, these nerves are due to the insecurity of possible questions to which the answers are unknown or, in the given case, the message is not in shop.
The message can be seen as unfounded or unbelievable due to that reflection of insecurity while communicating, which is why it is important to be completely up to date with the data, when communicating not only what is going to be expressed but also the listener, to have the Prior information from the person who is going to listen to the message is essential. This information has to be as much information as possible in order to understand what the listener can understand the message that is communicated to them, and that when communicating it you understand what can be interpreted. ​

With the exercises explained with the use of “high, medium and low” tones and the use of a pen or pencil in the mouth. What kind of enhancements can I do with my voice?

By beginning by practicing for five minutes the training of the different tones of the voice using high, medium and low tones, you will make your brain remember these different tones which, after practicing, will know how to use it appropriately in this way of speaking. , and with the exercise of the pen in the mouth, he must do it while reading any text on any side, thus improving his gesticulation when speaking, making himself understood more clearly; With these exercises together you can improve various problems that you can identify in your voice, tone and verbal expression.
These exercises can solve problems that can be unpleasant for a very thick voice, which with practice you will be able to learn to adjust the correct tones and be able to sound either more feminine or more masculine depending on what you consider to demonstrate with your voice.
Gesticulation and tonal enhancement can make your accent sound neutral, thus avoiding distractions or laughter from those who do not understand a very distinctive accent, (more information in the video).

We know that you had Coronavirus and we would like to hear part of your testimony, how did it happen?

I am a very healthy and very strong person, and this was a really big surprise for me. The story begins with a request to record an audio commercial on the radio, this commercial talked about “if people are sick with the flu, don’t worry and stay home and other recommendations on how to protect yourself from Covid-19.” The commercial had to be recorded in fifteen different languages ​​and I was asked by the meat company called YVES, all for publicity and public awareness.
The commercial had to be recorded in fifteen languages, so several people of different nationalities met in a room to start the recordings, and due to the confidence that was generated in me, I decided to take off my mask, just as I had to speak to record the commercial. in Spanish I couldn’t wear the mask when recording my part.
Three days go by and they call me and ask “Nelson, how are you feeling?” and I answer “Fine” later I find out that the call is to inform me that one of the individuals with whom I was in a meeting recording the commercial had Covid; In those three days I was sharing time with my family, playing with my children, accompanying my wife and doing various activities together.
After receiving the call, I locked myself in the basement, isolating myself from my family. The government was contacting me to determine how I was doing and they tested me, however in this period of time I felt very well, without any symptoms of discomfort but a week later they call me and inform me that I am positive for the Coronavirus. news shocked me! This is going to sound sad but I am a very positive person and I accept the reality that eventually one must die, what I fear is the way in which one dies. This leaves me thinking about my children, my wife and that “I was with them.” What kills you is not the Coronavirus, what kills you is that bad vibe that enters your head and that’s it! What overwhelms you is not just the Coronavirus; (I am not saying that the disease does not kill or that you have to lower your guard,
And I accepted it, “well it gave me” I said to myself, “I don’t want to leave but if I have to go, then welcome death and I’m leaving” I thought, my children hurt me, something could happen to them, my wife something happens to her , that DOES hurt me but above all bring positivism up.
I did not feel anything at all, after a week of the news I lost my sense of smell and taste, watching the news and social networks that attack my respiratory system; It was clear to me that absolutely nothing was happening to me. One of those nights while I was sleeping or trying to sleep, since I would go to bed at two or three in the morning and start my productive day at five, sleeping at least two hours, all to avoid dying while I sleep (these are movies that one imagines being in this situation).
​One night I went to bed, turned off the light and lay down to sleep and at that moment my brain started to work, and remember that the Coronavirus affects the respiratory system and suddenly I start to feel suffocated, “something is happening to me” I said to myself, I took off my shirt and everything, but I couldn’t catch my breath.
It took ten minutes that I let my mind work, and I felt that I couldn’t breathe, I felt very hot, and that my feet fell asleep and I felt a tingling from my feet that was going up my legs and with that a chill, “but if I was fine, how can this be happening to me now?” he said. I opened this space to my mind, from the thought of breathing everything began to happen to me! Exactly ten minutes passed and I said to myself “No! I’m not suffering from anything, I’m not going to suffer from breathing, I am healthy!”, it automatically went away.
Then the exams of my children and wife arrived, all negative, none of them got sick from that Coronavirus, and I got ahead, the quarantine has already been lifted and I am slowly recovering my taste and smell,

What a great story, very inspiring indeed, do you want to leave any message to the public?

My message is that you believe in yourself, convince yourself, and believe that you have the power, the strength, and the desire to get ahead. No matter how difficult the moment may be, the most difficult moments, the strongest battles, make us warriors. you, me and we are all warriors, we are those warriors who are victorious over any battle, nothing is going to stop us, we have goals and we are going to achieve them.
And don’t let yourself be invaded by all the negative news, nor the toxic people, for them and push them away from your lives, it has to be positive, the fight is not with third parties but with yourself. Do not see other people as a competition because it is not worth it, the greatest competition in life is yourself; My message is you can do it, you can do it, we’re going to pull it off, whatever it is, we’re going to do it.

Thank you very much for everything you shared with us today, for your very important and moving testimony. I would appreciate it in advance if you please leave your social networks so that the public knows where to find you.

For me it is a pleasure to be able to share this space with you and the listeners and I thank you for allowing me to speak today and if in any case you have more questions you can find me at:

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